Our Service

Tailored Queensland provides you with your own private guide/driver, in addition to, a completely personalised itinerary that can include anything you may want to see or do in South-East Queensland (other areas are available on request) or Northern New South Wales. With help from your expert local guide, we will build your dream holiday tailored exactly to you. Alternatively, we have single day tours or multiple day tours that you can choose or customize to suit you.

Find out more about what is available:

  • A FREE 15-Minute Phone or Video Call with your guide to plan and provide information on your trip to South-East Queensland (Book an obligation free appointment - no payment information required)

  • A personal guide to provide pick-up and drop-off to activities

  • Pick-up and drop-off from wherever you choose! Your accommodation, cruise-ship or Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Ballina Airports

  • Hotel-Transfers, as you may decide to spend some nights in different cities or towns

  • Luxury transport. Our fleet comprises of high-end vehicles suited to your group size and for your private use.

  • Free WIFI and water provided

  • Local knowledge. All our team members have grown-up in Queensland and we can help you experience the true South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales that typically only locals get to experience

  • Flexibility to change itineraries due to weather or other unforseen circumstances.

  • Ability to visit places that no other tour company offers, these tours can be 100% personalised and we can take you anywhere!

  • Pre-arrival documents that cover everything you may want to know. Included with this is information about the areas you are visiting, self guided trips and local tips

  • Discounts on your chosen destinations, such as, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, Whale Watching, etc

With so much to do in Queensland the hardest part is fitting everything in to your time frame. As such, we recommend you follow these steps to help get you started!

Step One - Read About What’s On Offer:

We have provided some day trips and multiple day trips that showcase some of what there is to do here in Queensland which will hopefully help provide some inspiration on what you can do here in Queensland. However, we also list the best of what is available on our See and Do pages. If you see an activity you would enjoy or simply would like some more information about, you can add it to Your Trip using it's add button. Once you submit Your Trip enquiry, your expert guide will contact you to discuss the activities you have added and help create your own unique itinerary tailored exactly to you!

Your guide will design your itinerary so that it includes all of your must do’s within your holiday time frames, while accommodating your style of travel.

Step Two - Submit Your Enquiry:

Once you have selected what you want to See and Do head to Your Trip and outline any remaining questions, concerns or requests. Once submitted, your guide will then contact you shortly to give you a walk-through of your preliminary itinerary as well as the cost estimation (see our pricing). Here you get to meet your guide and discuss your trip to Queensland further. Once you are happy and feel like we have created what you believe is your ideal holiday, we can proceed from conceptualisation to realisation.

Step Three - Preparing For Your Trip

Review the itinerary you discussed with your guide and get ready for your dream getaway. Your guide will develop for you your pre-arrival information. This will include information on the areas you are staying, visa information and any essential items to bring.

Step Four - The Land Down Under Awaits

Feel free to contact us as much as you like while you sit back and relax with the knowledge that your stress-free holiday awaits.

Since all of our trips are completely personalised there is no set price, as every trip is completely unique. You select where you would like to visit, what activities you would like to do and for how many days. If you select a day at Australia Zoo for example, this will most likely take up the majority of your day. As a result, the cost of this day will be quite minimal compared to an activity packed day. Prices can be found for each activity on our See and Do pages.

Pricing includes all activities you select, whether its learning to surf, helicopter charters or a winery visit. We book all activities for our clients for a few reasons. Firstly, with multiple companies offering similar activites, we vett all third-party companies to ensure you are getting the best service for the best price. Secondly, we can offer better rates on all activities meaning you get a cheaper holiday. Similarly, we also recieve more generous cancellation policies. So if your activity is weather dependant or something unforseen happens we are more likely to be able to get your money back! This allows you to carry on with your holiday without any setbacks, and with your own personal guide, creating a back-up plan is extremley simple.

All activities are booked with our exclusive discounted rates, as well as, your own personal guide and private transport to any destinations including, hotel-transfers and airport or cruise ship pick-up/drop-off.

So when will you see a price?

Our day and multi-day tours provided give you an idea of the costing for a variety of trips with or without accommodation and all with a variety of different activities involved. You can book these itineraries or use them to help inspire you. Otherwise visit our See and Do page which delves into what’s on offer in Queensland. Once you submit Your Trip to our guides we will get back to you with your tailored itinerary and a quote.