Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Activity available for: Gold Coast

The Australia Zoo can be quite challenging to get to from the Gold Coast but the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a great alternative.  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is also dedicated to conservation situated nearby the Gold Coast airport. It is a heritage-listed zoological garden set across 27 hectares of natural eucalyptus-rich bushland and rainforest. The Sanctuary is home to native mammals, reptiles, birdlife and amphibians as well as some exotic species. You will be sure to see all the main iconic Australian animals during a visit. However, there is also an abundant amount of other experiences and offers available.

Alternatively, explore by yourself, we can help you plan your trip by providing custom full day, half day or even Australian animal filled itineraries!

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The Shows:

There are many free shows available at the sanctuary and typically all shows are available everyday but the times are subject to change.

WildSkies Show
A relatively new show at the sanctuary introduces audiences to the majestic world of flight - taking a journey through the past, present and into the future.

Meet some of Australia’s most beautiful species of birds including the largest bird of prey in Australia - the Wedge-tailed eagle, the Australian Pelican, along with colourful parrots and birds of prey.

Marvel at the beauty of these birds as they free-fly across the audience in a wonderful display set against the Sanctuary’s natural environment. Make sure you hang around at the end of the show to have your photo taken with a bird of prey!

Lorikeet Feeding

Two times a day you can enjoy the experience of feeding several wild lorikeets. These colourful birds are not shy of humans and like to eat right from your hands or take a rest on your head and shoulders. These are the birds which founded the sanctuary over 70 years ago and generations later they still know the exact time and place to come feed. With no entry to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary required, this amazing experience is free to watch and a gold coin donation for feeding.

Wildlife Hospital Presentation

Head to one of the world’s busiest wildlife hospitals and watch from the hospital deck as our presentations team chat with our vets and nurses while they are taking care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

Aboriginal Culture Show

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre are proud to present the Yugambeh Aboriginal Dancers. To celebrate the rich local Aboriginal culture embedded in this Gold Coast region, we invite you to experience a taste of our Yugambeh language, dance and stories.

Pelican and Eel Show

An underrated show, the Pelican and Eel feeding offers something unique. Completely wild, the pelicans and giant eels have learnt what time feeding is to come along the banks of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy an informative session from the feeders whilst a large group of slimy eels and big beaked birds await a meal.

Aussie Scales and Tails Show

Get up close to reclusive and nocturnal animals and learn about the importance of conservation and preservation of the habitats they rely on and how they adapt to their environment and threats to their species. Meet Marrock the dingo, lizards, pythons, a venomous snake and even a possum!

Blinky Bill’s Rookie Ranger Station

Kids of all ages will love the show Blinky Bill's Rookie Ranger Station. It is a fun, interactive, fast-paced show that will have everyone singing, dancing and most importantly learning that conservation starts with us! 

Blinky will introduce some of his wildlife friends and share cool fun facts about them during the show.                


Wildlife Photographs:
Price: $30 - Koala photo $20 - other animals

Create memories that last a lifetime with opportunities to take photos with cute Koalas, Eagles, Snakes or even a Barking Owl!


Animal Encounters:

International icon Steve Irwin once said, “when people touch an animal, the animal touches their heart. And instantly, we’ve won them over to the conservation of that species.”. There are opportunities at this sanctuary that offer just that.

Some of these activities are available all day everyday and others are limited and require a booking. So if there is something you would like to book specifically just add Australia Zoo to Your Trip and discuss the possibilities with your guide.

Breakfast with Koalas (don’t like mornings, we can organise a high tea instead)
$70 per person - includes park entry and a photo

A premium experience which includes a gourmet set menu breakfast as you get an up close and personal encounter in a Koala enclosure. Here you will learn about koalas, their habitat, interesting facts, food preferences, reproduction and even feed a Koala!

Koala behind the scenes experience
$50 per person  - includes a photo

Get up close and personal to one of Australia’s biggest icons. Learn about the koala’s features, habitat, reproduction, gum species preferences and other quirky little facts about these gorgeous animals. Meet some of the koala families inside their Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary homes. At the completion of your experience you will hold one of everyone’s favourite little Aussie legends whilst having a professional photograph to capture your experience.

Tree Kangaroo Encounter
$60 per person

Get up close and personal with Torembi, the Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo. This endangered species of Macropod is native to the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and is one of the newest members of the Sanctuary family. Learn what makes this aboral species unique and discover how they are different to their land-dwelling cousins.

Scaly Tales Encounter
$30 per person

This hands-on experience is designed to get the younger guests up close and personal with reptiles, not only found in household backyards, but from as far as the other side of the world! Hear stories of how reptiles have roamed the earth for millions of years and how they have adapted to live alongside us today. See scaly critters up close while you hold a lizard, pat a snake and feed a critically endangered exotic tortoise.

Raptor Encounter
$60 per person - includes a photo

In this breathtaking encounter, get up close and personal with an Australian bird of prey and experience what it’s like to be a raptor handler! Work alongside one of the experienced trainers to learn about the basics of modern and traditional falconry and the techniques used to free fly birds in our Wild Skies Free Flight Bird Show. This will be a hands-on experience as you meet one of the birds for an exclusive interaction and a unique photo opportunity. 

Your afternoon starts with VIP seating at the WildSkies show. Following the show meet and greet your raptor trainer and receive a photo of you holding an Owl!

WildSkies Backstage Access
$100 per person

Get backstage access to our Training, Rehabilitation and Wildlife department! You will have a 25 minute experience while under the personal guidance of an Animal Keeper. In this time you will get closer than ever before to the stars of the Bird Show. You will also see our wildlife rehabilitation centres and understand how we breed to save endangered wildlife, as well as meet more clever critters you are sure to fall in love with.

Red Panda Encounter
$60 per person

Get up close and personal with the elusive bushy-tailed Red Panda. You will be taken on the VIP experience when you enter the Sanctuary before the gates open to meet your furry friend in their Lost Valley home!

Capybara Encounter
$50 per person

Want to meet the world's largest rodent? Well you should, because Capybara are super cute, and look like giant guinea pigs. Enter the Capybaras enclosure and get up close and personal, give them a scratch and help feed them while learning interesting facts like how they eat their own poo.

You thought guinea pigs were cute well wait until you meet these guys!

Enter the Capybaras enclosure and get up close and personal, give them a scratch and help feed them while learning interesting facts like how they eat their own poo.

Cotton-top Tamarin Encounter
$50 per person

There is no need to travel overseas when you can encounter a troop of inquisitive and adorable Cotton-top Tamarins here at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's Lost Valley.  Meet and feed Toro, Arami and Pablo as you learn interesting facts about them.

Dingo Walk
$40 per person

Taking a dog for a walk is fun, however you can step it up by taking a DINGO for a walk! We have three pure Alpine Dingoes who love to go on their daily walk and you could be the one to take them. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a massive 27 hectares and this pack has a lot of territory to explore. Let Marrok, Seff or Cailen take you on an adventure to show you their favourite places in the Sanctuary.

Dingo Encounter
$30 per person

There are many ‘animal stars’ at the Sanctuary and it’s no surprise that head of the pack, Marrok, is one of them. Being able to see a pure white alpine Dingo is impressive but imagine being able to meet Marrok in person. Well luckily you can with an awesome Dingo Encounter offer. You can go inside Marrok’s enclosure, have an up close encounter as well as touch that stunning white coat.

Echidna Encounter
$30 per person   

Enjoy an up close encounter with one of Australia’s favourite icons. Come and meet the gorgeous short-beaked echidnas, they will enjoy your company as much as you do theirs. Each has its own unique and entertaining personality. The prickly little echidna may even decide to feed from your hand with their long, sticky tongue or crawl over you.

Possum Encounter
$30 per person   

Meet a possum up close at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Gentle, kind-natured and loves to snuggle up to people. You will be able to have your own personal encounter and the opportunity to feed this amazing little marsupial.


VIP Tour:

Price: $500 for up to five people

The sanctuary offers a VIP experience visiting the Wildlife Hospital at the Sanctuary. This is a private one hour tour of one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world! Your group will be personally escorted around the Hospital to learn about the medical care each animal receives, watch live surgery (if available), walk through our rehabilitation area to see the turtle pools, echidna enclosure, raptor recovery, ‘Feather Library’, koala recovery, water pond, and many more exciting areas the public do not get to access! The passionate staff will share their love for our wildlife, inspiring you to spread awareness about the work being completed in our Hospital.

Typical Price*:

$50 - Adult
$40 - Child

Note: There is an abundance of additional experiences or tours you can add-on, and you can find these prices underneath their respective headings.

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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