Husk Farm Distillery

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Husk Farm Distillery

Activity available when visiting: Gold Coast, Byron Bay

Husk Farm Distillery is located just across the border in New South Wales, meaning it’s not too far of a trip from Surfers Paradise, as the Gold Coast borders the neighbouring state. Situated in the lovely Tweed farmland, the area is home to ancient rainforests and sugar cane fields which hug the Tweed River. Similarly the Husk farm estate is just off the river with rolling green lawns iit makes a beautiful lunch setting. However, lunch is only the icing on the cake, Husk also make delicious rum and gin at their distillery and you can go behind the scenes to see how the magic happens. Learn about the paddock to bottle process on a distillery tour and afterwards enjoy a complimentary cocktail. Lucky for you, we’re driving!

The Tweed Region has a lot to offer including river tours, dreamworthy food locations and a fantastic Art Gallery. So if you are interested we can arrange a food / drink tour to show you the best on offer in the area. Add this to Your Trip and we will be happy to arrange a bespoke tour.

Distillery Tour:

A Distillery tours take you behind the scenes where you will learn about the unique paddock to bottle agricultural rum and of course Ink Gin, the worlds first colour changing gin! You will receive a welcome drink upon arrival, a gin tasting and a rum tasting in the barrel house.

Ink G&T Tour:

What better way to spend a day then to relax with an Ink Gin cocktail while learning about the history of this refreshing spirit. Hear about the botanicals we use and how we bring colour from nature to your glass. Be guided on how to enjoy the spirit neat before adding either tonic or soda water to your glass to witness the colour change! You will then go behind the scenes to learn about the distillation process, you might even catch the production team in action in the bottling hall!

Into the Barrel: Rum Tour:

Learn about the incredibly vibrant history and culture of rum while enjoying a delicious bespoke rum cocktail. Taste molasses and fresh cane juice from the farm (during harvest season), visit the sugar mill, see the cane fields and cattle, lay eyes on Australia’s only Forsythe still and finish your experience with a tasting of both the unaged and aged Agricole rums in the cool of the Barrel House.

Typical Price*:

$45 - Distillery Tour (40 min)
$55 - Ink G&T Tour (45 min)
$55 - Into the Barrel: Rum Tour (1 hour)

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Furthermore, as this is available at multiple locations the price above is not representative of all locations. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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