Paddle board - tour, lesson or hire

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Paddle board - tour, lesson or hire

Activity available when visiting: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay

South-East Queensland is home to hundreds of beautiful locations where you can paddle board (also known as SUPs). If you are looking for something more relaxed than surfing, paddle boards are a fantastic alternative. While you can paddle board in the ocean and you will most likely see some people surfing on them while you are here. Paddle boards are best suited for calm waters, like the canals, estuaries and rivers that can be found all along the coastline. While lessons are available, this is a very intuitive activity that is available for any skill level and for age starting at 12 and up with parent supervision. We suggest either doing a tour or board hire, but lessons are of course still available.

Board hire:

With paddle boards you can spend hours exploring at your own pace. Your guide will show you the best spots you can do this, beaches with calm waters, coastal rivers with beautiful beaches or estuaries where you may spot turtles, dugongs or dolphins playing. This is a very affordable and a perfect group activity.

Paddle Board Tour:

The Gold Coast and Byron Bay both offer paddle board tours. These tours start with a lesson that will show you the basics of paddle boarding and are available for all skill levels. For the Gold Coast tour you can experience the beautiful canal waterways and mangrove areas with insight from your tour guide. On the other hand, Byron’s paddle board tour is held in the Brunswick river, a small family run business that offers a peaceful and enjoyable nature tour.

Group and Private Lessons:

Lessons are available in all locations and generally take up to an hour. These lessons help get the beginner paddle boarder started, but under professional guidance you can move to intermediate status quite quickly. In these lessons you learn about advance turns, different stances and how best to improve your paddle board balance and strength.

Lessons are the best way to get ready to take paddle boards out into more difficult waters and get the most out of the activity. In private lessons your guide will be able to dedicate the full hour to ensuring you master each specific skill and work on any particular areas you may struggle. In group lessons you see a cheaper price but the group will have to move on even if you haven’t quite grasped a concept yet.

Typical Price*:

$30 - Board hire only - per hour

$60 - Group lesson

$180 - Private lesson

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Furthermore, as this is available at multiple locations the price above is not representative of all locations. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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