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Activity available when visiting: Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane

Available at all our major destinations, skydiving is about as exhilarating as you can get. All but the Byron Bay location offer a unique beach landing. Additionally, they all offer incredible views of the golden coastline as you jump out of a plane 15,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Followed by a 60 second freefall this is an unforgettable experience that everyone has to try at least once! This is a tandem activity and you are strapped to a professional skydiving instructor, it is extremely safe with over 70,000 tandem skydive jumps conducted each year in Australia.

If jumping out of a plane seems to extreme, perhaps running off a cliff sounds better? Take a look at hang gliding!

Typical Price*:

$240-$280 per person

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Furthermore, as this is available at multiple locations the price above is not representative of all locations. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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