Story Bridge Climb

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Story Bridge Climb

Activity available for: Brisbane

One of three Bridge climbs available in Australia as a whole, this adventure is on Brisbane’s most iconic bridge, the Story Bridge. After a short pre-climb safety briefing you start your ascent where you are securely attached to the climb line for the entire climb. On this tour you learn about the history of the Story Bridge and Brisbane as you climb. Before you know it you’re celebrating with your climb group on the summit platform, where you’ll get your bearings and some fun facts about the amazing 360 panoramic view around you.

Every Climb to the top includes a Climb group photograph, with additional individual photographs available for purchase (don’t worry, we get you a discount!). 

For those of you who need more of a thrill be sure to take a look at the Cantilever or plank walk add-ons!

Walk The Plank or Lean Out:

Need a thrill?! Experience the excitement and exhilaration of Leaning Out or Walking The Plank 80m (262 feet) above sea level and 50 metres (164 feet) above bridge traffic. Your professional Bridge Climb guide will encourage you to push your personal limits as you either Lean Out or Walk The Plank with nothing but air and the breathtaking views of the Story Bridge and Brisbane’s best views beneath you.

This experience can be added onto any climb for a special Tailored Queensland discounted price of $36.

Twilight climb (most popular):

The most popular climb and for good reason. The twilight Story Bridge climb begins as the day ends. You climb the bridge as the  sun sets on the horizon and the city comes to life with lights. Descend under the warm glow of the ever-changing Story Bridge multi-coloured lighting system. This is the most picturesque time to climb!

Dawn Climb:

Arguably just as good as the twilight climb, but with a much earlier wake-up and no city lights! As you climb the sun breaks its way across the horizon creating an unforgettable moment for all climbers. A good way to get the blood pumping as you start your Queensland adventure!

Night Climb:

This climb begins after sunset and captures the sparkling lights from the city Descend under the warm glow of the ever-changing Story Bridge multi-coloured LED lighting system.

Mission: SkyBeam

A fun and unique way to experience the bridge climb is the one-of-a-kind, world-first outdoor adventure game! Designed for teams of 2+ (group size of four minimum) and is the ultimate team based adventure experience.

For this you role play in a fun, fast paced ‘escape room’ style outdoor adventure. All Culminating with you walking across the highest cross beam of the bridge 40 metres above traffic!

Your escape room-esque adventure is as follows:

The Australian Intelligence Agency is on the hunt for new agents for a daring new mission set on, under, and all around the iconic Story Bridge! An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse Device) has been planted on top of the Story Bridge and is set to cause mass destruction. Your mission should you choose to accept it, will see your team go undercover as Bridge Maintenance Crew- where you will need to climb the bridge, find clues, solve puzzles, then locate and disarm the EMP to save the city!

Each team will be equipped with a Mission Device securely attached throughout the experience. After your Mission Briefing, your Bridge Guide employed by the AIA will lead all Agents up the Bridge safely, making strategic stops along the way to gather the tools and knowledge that you will need. Every second counts at each mission stop and then it’s a race against the clock to locate and disarm the EMP.

Typical Price*:

Twilight or Dawn climb:

$160 - Adult

$135 - Child

Day or Night climb:

$140 - Adult

$120 - Child


Lean Out or Walk The Plank - $40 additional

Mission SkyBeam:

$150 - Adult

$130 - Child

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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