Surfboard lessons and hires

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Surfboard lessons and hires

Activity available when visiting: Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay

Australia is undoubtedly a beach culture, per capita it has the most surfers in the world and people have heard of Sydney’s Bondi Beach throughout the world. South-East Queensland is no exception. Some of the best beaches in the world can be found here in both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast; both of which are only about an hours drive from Brisbane. Furthermore, both of these locations are home to beaches that regularly host surfing festivals and World Surf League competitions. So whether you are visiting South-East Queensland from Australia or from overseas, visiting one of the famous beaches here should definitely be on your itinerary. Regardless of whether it’s just for relaxing, or getting on the water and having some fun.

Similarly, there is also Byron Bay. A small beach town in northern New South Wales. Byron is well known for its surf as well as it’s relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Byron Bay is roughly two hours drive south of Brisbane, and one hour from the Gold Coast. It is a very popular tourist destination with plenty to do and is best suited for a multi-day itinerary. However, it still makes a great day trip, you can check out what’s on offer here.


Group Lessons:
Inadvertently, the above paragraphs may paint a picture of giant waves and an activity only suited for skilled individuals. However, we can assure you that while there are spots that offer this, there are also plenty of gentle spots you can take a lesson. Surfing is available for all ages and for absolute beginners. All lessons are taught by a professional instructor, which provides a safe way for you to learn, by the end of the lesson you can be out surfing with the locals. Although it can seem daunting, especially for those who have never done this type of activity, it is surprisingly easy, and a very fun activity that we highly recommend. Both group and private sessions are available at many destinations. The lessons generally run for around an hour and a half, but depending on the type of lesson you choose it can vary. It is a perfect way to start the day, but we can organise it for any time.

Board Hire:
Even if you don’t know how to surf, it is fairly intuitive. A few pointers from your guide, and you can safely and affordably try it out yourself. The price to hire a board is generally $20 an hour, but we can organise hires for several hours or even for the whole day for similar prices. If you just want a day relaxing at the beach just remember our service does not need to be continuous, and you can take a break before continuing your adventure at no extra cost.

If you know how to surf already, we can take you to some of the best surfing spots available. You may already have heard of Kirra or Snapper Rocks beaches, which are both visited yearly by the World Surf League Quicksilver Pro surfing competition.

Typical Price*:

$20 - Board hire only - per hour
$50 - Group lesson

$120 - Private lesson

Receive an additional 5% off at the time of booking!

*Price indicative only, may not be currently accurate and is subject to change. Furthermore, as this is available at multiple locations the price above is not representative of all locations. Accurate pricing will be provided by your guide after Your Trip enquiry is submitted.

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